The Walter de la Mare Songbook

Written and Performed by Adèle Paxton and Dennis McCorkle

Vocal Performance Ready
Reference TracksSong TitleAccompaniment Tracks
1.A Song of Enchantment11.
2.Lucy’s Shoe12.
3.The Song of Shadows13.
4.The Window14.
5.The Bee’s Song15.
7.Dust to Dust17.
8.Grill Me Some Bones18.
9.The Listeners19.
10.Slim Sophia20.
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1.Hawaii Five-O
3.Surfing and Spying
7.Walk Don’t Run
10.Ghost Riders in the Sky
11.Rebel Rouser
12.The James Bond Theme
14.Blue Velvet
15.Iko Iko
16.Green Onions
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2.Are You in the Mood
3.A Song for Fall
4.Last Saturday Night
5.Maybe Tomorrow
6.Terra Firma
7.Just for the Thinking
8.All I Sing is the Blues/The Glory of Love
9.The Last Straw Rag
12.Spanish Sangria
14.Gymnopédie No. 1, Satie
15.Cantata 147
16.Spring Rain
17.Après Un Rêve, Fauré
19.L’Inverno “Winter”, Vivaldi
20.Jazz Prélude
21.Cantata 156, Bach
22.The Green Valleys
23.Prélude in E Minor, Chopin
24.Lullaby for String Quartet, Gershwin
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1.Keytah Amo
2.The Keystone Cops Ride Again
3.Just the Same Old Song
4.Mulberry Morning
5.Moral Dilemma
6.A Greater Beginning
7.Banana Split Samba
8.Pogo Stick
9.Where Go the Boats
10.Sneaking Around on Halloween
11.The Twelve Days of Christmas
12.I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
13.Jingle Bells
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2.A Little Bit Here (Instrumental)
3.We Want a King (Elders)
4.Ten Cents on Each Dollar (Samuel)
5.Dance of the Prophets (Instrumental)
6.A Head Above the Rest (Elders)
7.Somewhere Along the Way (samuel)
8.Mighty Lions of War (Saul’s Army)
9.The Way Back Home (Saul and Samuel)
10.A Man After His Own Heart (Samuel)
11.Pastures of Green (David)
12.King of the Mountain (David and Goliath)
13.Praise Yah and Long Live the King (Cast)
14.In Peace Jerusalem (Nathan and David)
15.Roll it on Down the Highway (Ahio)
16.Jerusalem is Calling (Levites)
17.Jerusalem is Calling (Levites and Cast)
18.Come Lie with Me (David and Bathseba)
19.Pour me Another One (David’s Men)
20.There Were Two Men (Nathan)
21.What Have I Done (David)
22.I Never Knew (David and Bathseba)
23.The Kingdom has a New Son (Cast)
24.The Green Valleys (Daivd and Michel – cut)
25.I Can See (Witch of Endor – cut)
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1.The Word (Psalm 150)
2.Birth of John the Baptist Foretold
3.Birth of Jesus Foretold
4.Mary Visits Elizabeth
5.The Birth of John the Baptist
6.Genealogy of Jesus According to Matthew
7.Mary and Joseph
8.The Birth of Jesus and Visit of the Shepherds
9.Jesus Presented at the Temple
10.Visit of the Wise Men
11.Flight into Egypt and Return to Nazareth
12.Jesus among the Teachers
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Ideal Piccolo Music Cylinders
Roll 686, No. 52808
1Faust, Air: No. 2Bis. Chant Des Vieillards
2Il Trovatore: Miserere
3Lucrezia Borgia
4La Fille du Régiment
5La Norma
6Rigoletto: Mazurka
Roll 508, No. 49073
7Stephanie- Gavotte, Op.312
8The New Port New Dance
9Carnival of Venice
10La Marseillaise
11Monastery Bells, Op.54
12March of Louis XIII
Roll 746, No. 54424
13Robin Hood: Waltz
14The Tyrolian: Song
15New Paris: Waltz
16Poor Jonathan: March
17The Gondolier’s: Gavotte
18The Turkish Patrol

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1.Cantata 147, Bach
2.II. Largo from “Winter”, Op. 8, No. 4, Vivaldi
3.Gymnopédie No. 1, Satie
4.Prélude in E Minor, Op. 28, No. 4, Chopin
5.Spring Rain in A Major, Op. 16
6.A Song Never Ending in A Major, Op. 20
7.Greensleeves, “What Child is This?”
8.Dayspring in E Minor, Op. 44
9.Jazz Prélude in E Minor, Op. 8
10.Praise to Jehovah in A Major, Op. 11
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